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Sango blushed deeply and responded to the kiss, also attempting to grind her hips against Kagome's. Sango tilted her head blonde porn star videos the slime dripped down off of her fingers and back into the water. That is, if they can control their own frustrations first.

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Immediately Kagome started to lap at the edible panties, eager to get to Sango's core. Sango gasped as her dress was sucked into the hose.

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They then broke the kiss, the need amature gay payperview air becoming dominant in their minds for a moment. Sango squirmed and tried to get out of Kagome's grasp but she held her tight and wouldn't let go. She shifted in the water a little and put her hand over Kagome's. Kagome pressed against Sango and it made the eel shock her even more then last time.

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Kagome naked sango
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Kagome naked sango

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